Expertise in Construction

As a leading Irish construction company with long experience of dealing with purchasers, tenants, local authorities, auctioneers, solicitors and other industry professionals, we understand every phase of the development cycle, including acquisitions, planning, construction, sales, handover of common areas to management companies, and securing the release of bonds.

Our inhouse sales team have a thorough knowledge of the structure and materials used in our developments, and are on hand to offer property investment advice or answer any questions buyers may have in relation to residential property or buying investment property.

Building Contractors

Building contracting is one of our main activities at Brian M Durkan. We have successfully delivered multiple projects on behalf of a diverse range of clients. These include local authorities, the Office of Public Works, the Department of Education, religious orders, the banking and finance sector, and private interests across all areas of the construction industry, including:

• Commercial real estate
• Residential property, including a strong portfolio of houses for sale in the Leinster region
• Works as a general contractor
• Investment property, including investment property in Dublin and adjoining counties

We deliver great buildings by working collaboratively with our clients, listening to their concerns, explaining the impact of decisions on the building work, and maintaining their priorities in line with their property investments. Our practical approach and attention to detail ensure that best-in-class construction projects are completed within budget and finished on time.

Property Development

Before taking on any residential, commercial property, property investment or other development project, we take care to assess the particular needs and challenges facing our clients. At every stage we look for intelligent solutions to hard questions, so communication is key. We have strong leadership within our team, provided by highly skilled individuals who can define and manage expectations, provide sound property investment advice and ensure clarity around every aspect of building and construction, especially the budget.

Our property portfolio includes residential and commercial projects that marry functional purpose and quality workmanship with smart design and finish. Our multi-disciplined team brings a breadth of knowledge, expertise and experience to ensure consistent delivery of the highest standards.

Project Management

Engaging Brian M Durkan from the earliest possible stage of your project will not only save you time and money, it will help ensure a seamless operation from start to finish.

As a customer-focused construction company, we concentrate on your priorities, concerns and budget throughout the entire process. When design challenges arise, our team of experts are on hand to offer intelligent, creative solutions that help you make informed decisions and keep the project on track.

Key to our success is our inhouse team of professional project managers – highly skilled and experienced individuals with a vast knowledge of construction technologies and the expertise to identify potential issues before they arise.

No matter how complex the construction, we have the experience, capability and resources to give you an outstanding experience as we work with you to realise your vision, from design to delivery.

Brian M Durkan project managers undertake to:

• Identify and prioritise your requirements, based on how they affect your core business.
• Prepare a construction programme and identify key timelines within the schedule.
• Advise on the selection and appointment of consultants.
• Liaise with local authorities, neighbouring parties and local groups.
• Co-ordinate site investigations, surveys and reports where required.
• Manage the design team’s performance.
• Carry out life cycle costing/whole life cost analysis of construction methods, services, systems, finishes, etc.
• Identify and evaluate areas of design where further value for money or functionality could be added.
• Track progress against programme and prepare progress reports for the client throughout the process.
• Co-ordinate the handover of the building, safety files, user and maintenance manuals, and all other relevant information to the client.
• Arrange training for the client and staff on the use and maintenance of the building and its systems/ installations.
• Provide ongoing support and back-up for the client following practical completion of the project.

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